* Do I have to do scrapbooking to come along?

No.  This is a craft weekend open to any and all craft types.  If you'd like to polish your silverware - feel free!  This is an opportunity to give you some "Me" time, so if you'd like to come along for a sleep in, have your meals cooked for you and read a book, you're more than welcome.  


We have ladies who work on a variety of craft projects - papercraft (scrapbooking, card making), needlework, patchwork/quilting, mosaic, digital scrapbooking, painting, knitting, etc.  It's also a great opportunity to network with others and learn some skills.  We're a friendly bunch and always happy to share/compare notes.


* What age groups do you cater for?

We cater for all ladies 18 years and over.  Young or old, we have MUFOGers of all ages - single ladies and grandmothers.  Mothers with dependent babies are welcome, but please check with us first so the necessary arrangements can be made (limited space available).


* What if I can't make the full weekend?

We have a Day Trip option available for the Saturday of the craft weekend.  You're welcome to join us from 10am (for morning tea) through to 8pm (for supper) and all meals inbetween. You will also be eligible for all prize draws while you're with us.


* Can I have my own room?

We have a limited number of single or double rooms.  Once they have been taken, we provide shared, bunk style accommodation.  Usually, each table shares the same room, so while it can sleep approx 13 people, the most you'll have in your room is 8. 


* What do I have to bring?

Apart from your craft projects and supplies, all you need to bring is some bed linen for a single bed (fitted sheet, flat sheet, doona cover or a sleeping bag) and a pillow.  You'll also need to bring a towel with you.  If you would like to take advantage of the optional extras over the weekend, bring some cash with you.  There are also often things to purchase during your stay.


* Can I bring alcohol?

Yes.  A fridge is made available for us to store our drinks for the weekend.  Please consume responsibly. 


* I have a food allergy, can you still cater for me?

Yes.  The venue can cater for all special menu requirements.  You can provide details of this on your registration form.



Please email any queries you may have.